Ductless Systems

As one of the latest additions to the air conditioning family, ductless systems have become quite a popular choice for customers.

The cooling and heating efficiency, paired with their ergonomic design, has quickly placed ductless systems amongst some of the most popular air conditioning units in the market.

As leading experts in the provision, installation and maintenance of ductless air systems, Infiniti Aurora prides itself on ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

Infiniti Aurora – For All Your Dustless System Installation and Repairs

Our expert technicians at Infiniti Aurora have years of experience in the installation and maintenance of ductless air conditioners – in fact, we pride ourselves on offering the best services in the market!

We offer:

Customized purchase

Leading ductless system brands to match your needs with top quality products

Installation services

Easy installation that is in complete compliance with building codes


Specialist repair and maintenance involving comprehensive checks

A Combination Of Efficiency And Efficacy

Space-efficient, effective, and can be installed without ducts – these are some of the features that make ductless systems so versatile. These systems are also great for:

  • Old houses or apartments that do not have a duct
  • Places where the existing duct system is too big, too old, or has other issues
  • When there is no need to provide air conditioning for more than one area

Not only do ductless systems save space, but they are also cost efficient – in other words, you don’t have to worry about your electric bills anymore.

Installing these systems can be tricky, as they essentially consist of two different components – the inner unit and the outdoor unit. Finding the right location for the outdoor unit can be a challenge, esepcially considering that the inner unit can only be so far away from the interior unit. Our experienced technicians will do a site check to help you determine the best location for your new system.

Work With The Best Ductless System Technicians In Ontario

Our experts are not just veterans in installing and repairing ductless air conditioners, they undergo special training to remain up-to-date with all the recent developments in the technology.

You can take comfort in knowing that when you call Infiniti Aurora, you will be offered industry leading expertise – thus ensuring that your ductless system works perfectly.

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