Heat and Energy Ventilators

It can be difficult to find the ideal balance between comfort and energy efficiency. If you keep your doors and windows shut tight, it can cause stuffiness and an increase air pollutants. Opening up your home or office to circulate fresh air can affect the indoor temperature, mess with the heating or cooling systems, and rack up hefty energy bills. We have the perfect solution – heat and energy ventilators. Ventilator Systems give you fresh, clean air to breathe constantly, while saving on energy and keeping out the heat or cold. These systems allow the transfer of heat between incoming and outgoing air, so that your house remains well-ventilated – they also recover more than 80% of the energy that would otherwise be lost.

Let the experts at Infiniti Aurora help you with your ventilation needs.

Infiniti Aurora, For The Ultimate Ventilator Solutions

At Infiniti Aurora, we provide a diverse range of ventilators so your home can remain properly ventilated without wasting excess power. Do you already have a ventilator, but are unsure about its upkeep? Or has your ventilator system stopped working altogether?

Here are some ways we maintain and repair your systems

Our expert technicians also provide quality maintenance and repair services for all makes and models of ventilators – thereby increasing the life of your appliances, and ensuring that they remain in perfect working condition throughout the year.

Clean air filters

Clean or swap your air filters every two months since dry or clogged ones can lower ventilation efficiency.

Clean water

Inspect the condensation drain to ensure that each drain pan has about 2 liters of clean, warm water

Clean vents

Remove any waste paper, leaves, frost buildup, or other things that may cause blockages in the vents outside.

Clean from dust

Service the HRV’s fans by removing accumulated dust and dirt from the blades.

Proper Ventilation During Summers And Winters

Most people think ventilators are only of use in the winter. This isn’t the case at all! Heat and energy recovery ventilators work in two ways; they warm up the chilly outside air and cool down the warm air indoors. You don’t even have to manually switch modes with HRVs and ERVs – they can change modes on their own!

They also help counter humid air during the summer. To do this they transfer the moisture that accompanies the incoming air to the outgoing air that is blown out – helping balance the humidity levels in your home. Also, with Ontario focusing on increasing energy efficiency, all new homes will be required to have heat or energy recovery with Ventilator Systems.

Ventilation Systems Installed By Professionals

Our indoor air quality experts are ready to help you pick out the ideal HRVs and ERVs according to your home or work space. We will not just take care of the installation, but also provide complete repair work and any additional maintenance that the system may need. Contact us today to have the perfect heat and energy recovery ventilation system installed in your home in no time. We can’t wait for you to start enjoying fresh, clean air throughout the year!

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