Cold weather brings in dry air, which can be an absolute nightmare to deal with. Not only does the lack of humidity make it difficult to breathe, it also damages the largest organ of the human body – your skin.

The solution? Humidifiers! We provide quality humidifiers as well as professional installation and maintenance – leading to a long-lasting solution for your home and office.

Health Benefits Of Humidifiers

Controlled humidity in your environment restricts bacterial and fungal growth – a quality humidifier can also reduce the number of airborne diseases, and return the moisture that is stripped away during winters. Below are some of the major advantages that humidifiers bring to your health:

Maintain moisture

We have all noticed how dry and brittle our skin can get during the winter and how dry sore throats can be. With humidifiers adding moisture to the air, you will immediately be more comfortable.

Reduced allergic and asthmatic reactions

Correct use of a humidifier will help relieve your sinus issues. In fact, a study has proved the direct linkage of low humidity levels to asthma-like symptoms.

Influenza prevention

Humidity levels above 40% have been found to deactivate the influenza virus particles, thereby reducing the chances of you, or your family and friends getting the infection.

Infiniti Aurora Provides The Perfect Range Of Humidifiers

As a leading provider of HVAC solutions, Infiniti Aurora offers the best humidifying systems to our clients.

You need professionals who are well-versed with the inner workings of humidifiers and have comprehensive knowledge of the varieties available in the market.

Whether you are trying to find the right humidifier for you, or already own a humidifier that isn’t functioning quite right – our experts will take care of it all!

Our technicians understand the importance of maintaining the right humidity levels in your home and office – and so we offer expert setup, maintenance, servicing and repair work of all models including, but not limited to all Carrier products.

The system we recommend is guaranteed to be the very best choice for your requirements!

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction At Competitive Prices

The well-trained professionals at Infiniti Aurora are dedicated to providing you with the best available installation and maintenance services. As Ontario’s top indoor air quality experts, our team has all the skills needed for maintaining and repairing commercial and household humidifier systems. We are proud of our immaculate repair work. We also keep our prices affordable – without compromising on the quality of our service levels.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment, or get a quote for the installation of a brand new humidifier today.

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