Get a Free Heat Pump and a Free Ecobeeᵀᴹ Thermostat, with a government rebate of up to $7,100*

With Infinity Air Conditioning and Heating, get a high-quality heat pump and an Ecobeeᵀᴹ thermostat bundle (including installation) just for $6,280 + HST = 7,097* (0% APR Financing available**). Then get a rebate check from the government of up to $7,100. 90% of Ontario homeowners do qualify for the $7,100 rebate! Start saving on your energy bills by replacing your existing air conditioner with an efficient brand-new heat pump equipment, today!

High-Quality Heat Pump Services By Infiniti Aurora

With years of experience, we have successfully guided hundreds of customers in the process of buying and installing high-quality heat pumps. Here are the heat pump services we offer:

Customized purchase

Customized purchase journeys, tailored to provide the best heat pump for your needs

Installation services

Safe and secure installation services to ensure that your heat pump does the job right


Expert maintenance services to extend the life of your machine

Heat Pumps Are An Excellent Choice

There is no denying the feasibility of heat pumps. They provide a single solution for people who are tired of installing air conditioners during the summer, and relying on a separate heating solution for winters. If you live in a typical Canadian environment where there is a large fluctuation in temperature between summer and winter, heat pumps can work wonders in combination with oil and gas furnaces as an energy-saving, hybrid heat solution.

Our heat pumps are renowned for their longevity – but the real secret to this is regular maintenance. Maintenance and repair work done by professionals can extend the life of your heat pump for many more years. Believe us: we have decades of experience!

Always Choose The Right Heat Pump!

With so many models of heat pumps available in the market, and styles of application, choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming. This is why we carefully inspect your space, and suggest just the right make and model for your needs. From providing expert advice about the right brand to buy, to efficient installation and repair services that ticks all the safety inspection checks – Infiniti Aurora is here to serve you. Are you confused about whether a heat pump is right for you? Or are you unsure about the maintenance that your heat pump system requires? The solution is simple – just give us a call, and we’ll take of all your heat pump requirements!

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